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May 31, 2010


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As with everything in life, there's always a catch 22 with this things. A friend was explaining to me that because most of us avoid the sun so much and/or block it so well, most of us no longer have enough Vitamin D, which is crucial to staying healthy. Why can't anything be simple? :-)


I absolutely agree with the UVA stable Neutogena with helioplex and Anthelios with Mexoryl.

I also like physical blocks, like Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby with zinc and titanium.


It is incorrect to say that most of us are not getting enough vitamin D now because of wearing sunscreen. Sun protection is extremely important. Even with sunscreen on, you only need 10 minutes in the sun once a week with a very small area of skin exposed to get enough vitamin D. If you are walking around in shorts and a tank top you are getting PLENTY of vitamin D even with a high SPF on.

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